Furnished Suites in Toronto

Furnished Suites TorontoToronto, Canada, one of the best places in the world and one of the most visited places on earth. The people of Toronto are known to be friendly and welcoming to their visitors and neighbors. The city is rich in diversity, and truly, it is a beautiful city. Here are the 5 top tourist destinations in Toronto.  

  1. The CN Tower

CN tower is already known to many as a tourist spot and landmark in Toronto, and it is already a national symbol of Canada. The CN tower is a communications and observation tower, and it is also the tallest free-standing structure in the north. If you’re at the top of the tower, you will surely enjoy a magnificent view of the entire city. There are also lots of activities you can do in the tower, like the Edgewalk which is for the thrill-seekers.  

  1. The Ripley’s Aquarium

This popular tourist spot is located right next to the CN Tower. The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has 450 species of underwater organisms. With nine enchanting exhibits which include the dangerous lagoon, which is an underwater tunnel in which guests are surrounded by sharks.  To be in the Ripley’s Aquarium is a memorable experience.

  1. Chinatown

As there are a lot of Chinese people residing in Toronto, Toronto’s Chinatown is also one of the largest Chinatowns. Toronto’s Chinatown is home to some of Toronto’s best food. This popular tourist attraction also celebrates fascinating festivals such as Chinese New Year.  

  1. Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame was made to preserve the NHL’s history. It features memorabilia and honors great hockey players. The Stanley Cup is the centerpiece of this popular tourist attraction, which is the trophy awarded to every NHL playoffs winner. Hockey is Canada’s most popular sport, and the museum is a testament to Canadians’ passion for hockey.   

  1. Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre, or originally called the SkyDome, is home to Toronto’s popular baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. This popular tourist spot also hosts monster truck events and big concerts. With a capacity of over 50,000, the Rogers Centre is Toronto’s largest indoor venue.

  1. Museums

Toronto is known to be Canada’s center of art. There are a lot of museums you can visit within the city such as the Royal Ontario Museum. The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s largest museum that displays the natural and cultural history of Toronto. It also contains 150,000 fossils from the Burgess Shale in British Columbia. In Toronto, you could also find The Art Gallery of Ontario, which has the world’s largest collection of Canadian art, including Inuit art and contemporary art such as Frank Gehry’s spiral staircase. 

  1. Shopping

If you love to shop for signature clothing and more, Toronto would be a must-shop spot for you. There are lots of stores that sell world known popular brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zarah and many more. Not just that, if you are on a tight budget, there are a lot of items you can buy at affordable prices like souvenirs.  

  1. Accommodation

Toronto receives over a million visitors each year. Having said this, the city is ready to receive visitors with their great accommodations. When you visit Toronto, whether you have money to splurge or you are keeping to a budget, you can surely find a great place to stay. Some of the most common and popular options visitors try are the furnished suites. Furnished suites in Toronto are popular with many tourists basically because they are more spacious and affordably priced. If you stay in a furnished suite in Toronto, you only have to bring your personal items as everything else you need will already be provided.

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