Furnished Accommodation in Toronto

furnished accommodation TorontoSummer is fast approaching and we all know this is the season where almost everyone wants to go somewhere to take some fresh air and have some non routine activities. Are now thinking where to go to spend your summer vacation? You might want to consider Toronto.  

Late spring, early summer and fall are the most pleasant walking months in the city—and this is a walkable city. September, one of the loveliest months of the year, is also packed with the Toronto International Film Festival fêtes and a spate of other weekend festivals. To catch a bird’s-eye view of the city, you can visit one of the observation decks at the famous CN tower which is also one of the most visited and popular tourist spots. There’s also a new activity at the CN tower aside from dining and sightseeing, it is called the “Edgewalk”. This activity will give you the opportunity to experience the breathtaking and nerve wracking hands-free walk on a 5 ft wide ledge encircling the top of CN Tower’s main pod which is 116 storeys above the ground. By merely looking at the tower may scare you to death, but the view you could see if you are up there is truly breathtaking and worth it. If you are an adrenaline junkie or just curious on how it feels to be there, you must give it a try. It will surely be once in a lifetime experience that you will not forget. After the exciting activity, you could take a walk at the infamous Distillery District to get some food and taste the world’s famous beers. Distillery District is a commercial and residential district in Toronto which is located and the east of downtown. This place contains lots of cafes, restaurants and shops.  You could truly indulge within the city because they have more to offer. You might also want to visit  the historic St. Lawrence Market which was named the best food market in the world by National Geographic in 2012. Indeed, St. Lawrence Market is a foodie heaven for both locals and tourists who visit the city. If you love food, shopping and history, you must visit this place when you are in Toronto. Let’s move on from adrenaline, shopping and food experience. If you want to start your day right in Toronto, you can grab a 20 minute ferry to the popular Toronto Islands which is absolutely beautiful. While at the ferry, you can take stunning photos of the Toronto landscape in the background and if you go the the main island which is the most popular island, you can go the to the beach or hire a bike and roam around the edges for a better view and experience. These are only few of the tourist spots and things you can do in Toronto and there are more exciting things await you if you will visit the wonderful city.

Now, if you are already convinced to visit the city and looking for a great accommodation, that is not a problem at all. Toronto receives millions of visitors annually which only means the city is ready to house them all. There are numerous hotels in the city, from 5 star to the affordable ones. Aside from hotels, there are also furnished accommodation in Toronto which could truly suit every travellers’ needs. Furnished accommodations in Toronto are now popular to many because of their cheaper price and bigger space than a typical hotel room. You could also do normal house chores while on vacation like cooking. If you wish to experience the city and it’s beauty, visit now!

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