Where to Stay on Your Extended Stay in Toronto

Extended Stay in Toronto

With a population of over 2.7 million people, Toronto was named as Canada’s biggest city. Toronto’s population is 8% of Canada’s total population. The city is also known to be a diverse and a multicultural city as half of its total population was not born in Canada or have not lived in Canada for more than fifteen years, and they are known as the visible minority. The five most common races you find here are the South Asians, Black Americans, Latinos, Filipinos and the Chinese.  Aside from English and French which are the primary languages, there are over a hundred dialects and languages spoken all over the city. From the year 2001 to 2006, as per the statistics, Canada received over a million immigrants from different parts of the globe.


Toronto is Canada’s Center of Arts. You can find numerous museums, art galleries and theaters within the city. Toronto also has a lot of public festivals where everyone can join and enjoy. Most of us have probably heard of the Toronto Film Festival, but the city is also host to a whole summer of boutique alternative dance and electronic festivals – including Digital Dreams, Electric Island and Diplo’s annual Mad Decent Block Party. Arts lovers will want to travel here in June, when a 17-day festival, Luminato, will take over Toronto’s theatres, parks and public spaces with theatre, dance and music.


Toronto is also Canada’s center of business of commerce.  The city is also a home for big TV networks in Canada; it’s where their headquarters are located. If you are familiar with the CN tower, this popular landmark and tourist spot is also located at the heart of the city. World known businesses in Canada have their headquarters in Toronto. The biggest banks in Canada have their headquarters within the city as well.


Toronto receives over 25 million tourist a year, isn’t that amazing? You might wonder what could be so special that so many people are eager to visit here, but it is something that must be experienced.  Some people say that when you visit Toronto, it is like you visit many places in one city. As a diverse and multicultural city, you will be able to experience different cultures, taste different delicacies from all over the globe and hear various languages by just visiting the wonderful city of Toronto. Truly, it can be a great experience to see what the city has to offer to its visitors.


With a large number of visitors Toronto receives on a yearly basis, the city is very much ready to welcome their guests. Toronto has a lot of accommodations to choose from, from 5-star hotels to affordable spaces, you will surely find a great place to stay. If you are already in Toronto for business or for fun, and you are running out of time but would love to stay for few more days to experience and see more of what the city has to offer, you are very much welcome to extend your stay. An extended stay in Toronto could be as fun and exciting as your first stay of visit. If you doubt that extending your stay in Toronto would be as exciting as your first visit, then let us show you more.  The city is yours to discover. Three days would not be enough to see and experience the beauty of the city. If you are done touring the whole city, you could go around the malls and shopping centers for you will surely love the scene. Shopping in Toronto is one of the most exciting things to do in the city, and it is never the same experience twice!

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