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If you are planning to have an extended stay in Toronto, then it’s time to consider the Rosemont Theatre District. We offer Bachelor, 1 and 2 bedroom affordable luxury furnished suites that you can rent by the month!

The Rosemont Theatre District is just minutes away from all of the excitement downtown Toronto has to offer you. Your luxury furnished suite will provide you with more space than a hotel room, and will be generously fitted with a fabulous range of amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen and ensuite laundry.

At the Rosemont Theatre District we want to make your extended stay in Toronto as comfortable as possible. Within our property you can expect the opulence and amenities of a first class hotel.

These include:

  • 24 hour Concierge/Security service

  • State of the art Fitness Centre

  • Rooftop patio with BBQ stations and Jacuzzi

  • 20 seat stadium-style Movie Theatre

  • Billiard and Games Lounge

Call today on 1-888-440-1221 to discuss your extended stay requirements.

Or alternatively please complete our Tramadol Prices Online with your details and requirements, and we will contact you.