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The Rosemont Theatre District offers you a range of generously appointed, luxury furnished apartments in downtown Toronto.

When you choose a luxury apartment at the Rosemont you can be sure of living in style in one of Toronto’s best loved locations. We offer a fabulous range of bachelor, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, each one furnished with attention to detail.

Your fully furnished apartment comes with a range of amenities to ensure your relaxation and comfort. These include:

  • Premium furnishings and bed linen

  • Fully equipped kitchen with large and small appliances

  • Ensuite laundry and ironing set

  • Flat screen television and DVD player

  • Free Digital Cable and High-Speed Internet

  • Private phone line and voicemail service

Outside of your apartment take advantage of the other great amenities the Rosemont offers. These include a 24 hour state of the art fitness facility, panoramic rooftop lounge, rooftop patio and BBQ stations, Movie Theatre and much more!

Call today on 1-888-440-1221 to find out more about luxury furnished apartments.

Or alternatively please complete our Tramadol Prices Online with your details and requirements, and we will contact you.