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If you are looking for a Hotel Apartment in Toronto, then it’s time to find out what the Rosemont Theatre District has to offer you!

The Rosemont is located in the much loved Theatre District in downtown Toronto. We are surrounded by fabulous restaurants, bars and of course shopping! Our property offers a great selection of luxury furnished hotel style apartments that are guaranteed to make your stay in Toronto as comfortable as possible.

All of our luxuriously appointed apartments have a range of features to make your stay like home from home, and feature fully equipped kitchens and ensuite laundry. You can also expect much more room to relax in than conventional hotel rooms!

The Rosemont Theatre District will also provide you with all of the amenities you expect from a 5 star hotel. These include:

  • 24 hour Concierge/Security service

  • 24 hour state of the art Fitness Centre with Aerobics Studio

  • Panoramic rooftop lounge

  • Rooftop patio with BBQ stations Jacuzzi

  • Full equipped Executive Business Centre

  • 20 seat stadium-style Movie Theatre

  • and much, much more!

Call today on 1-888-440-1221 to find out more about hotel style apartments.

Or alternatively please complete our Tramadol Prices Online with your details and requirements, and we will contact you.