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E3 | Suite 1905-2005 | 2 Bedroom & 2 Bath | 915 sq. ft.

Create your own room: Plan how on how to furnish your suite using this fun design tool!

E3 Floor Plan
[Hide] Furniture Selector
  • Sofas
  • Dressers & Amoires
  • Chairs & Coffee Tables
  • End Tables & Televisions
  • Dining Tables
  • Barstools & Chairs
  • Beds
  1. Begin by selecting a suite type: Studio, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom
  2. Choose the Floorplan layout for your chosen Suite Type (please note: Square footage is approximate and amenities subject to change)
  3. Click and drag furniture pieces from the Furniture Selector onto your Floor Plan
  4. Rotate furniture items by double clicking the furniture pieces
  5. Print out Floor Plans using the PRINT icon (Ensure you have the Print images option turned on).