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When you choose an unfurnished suite at the Rosemont you will have access to a superb range of in-house amenities...

  • 24 hour Concierge/Security service

  • Parcel and Dry Cleaning acceptance

  • Complimentary bicycle usage

  • Panoramic rooftop lounge

  • Rooftop patio with BBQ stations

  • Full equipped Executive Business Centre with multiple workstations, high speed/wireless Internet access and complimentary printer and photocopier

  • Executive Board Room and Conference Centre

  • 20 seat stadium-style Movie Theatre

  • Billiard and Games Lounge

  • Clubhouse Lounge with 5-screen home theatre display and built-in Teaching Kitchen

  • 24 hour state of the art Fitness Centre with Aerobics Studio

  • Virtual Reality Golf Simulator

  • Complimentary guest parking

  • 48 hour in-suite maintenance guarantee

  • After hours emergency services

  • Resident Appreciation Events

....and more!